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John Hennessy, Nick McKeown, and Vint Cerf

Steve has been working with Nick McKeown and Guru Parulkar of Stanford's Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Departments since 2008, through Stanford Video. The POMI 2020 video came out of their Clean Slate project, an ambitious program to re-invent the internet. With the advent of their OpenFlow protocol for networking, Nick and Guru's work has focussed on a new area called Software Defined Networking (SDN). The Open Networking Summit is the premier event they put on annually about SDN. The spoof video was used to introduce Vint Cerf, the keynote speaker for the 2013 event.

a goofy spoof

This clip features Vint Cerf, who is a father of the original internet, Nick McKeown, a trail-blazer innovating the current internet, and John Hennessy the President of Stanford and a high-tech titan in his own right....

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Blooper Reel re: Vint Cerf Special @ONS2013

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Stanford Programmable Open Mobile Internet (POMI) 2020

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Introduction to Open Networking Research Center

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Open Networking Research Center Videos

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